Guided Instruction

There’s a lot of free or nearly-free online learning material on the web! Having a guide can still be important, both to keep you moving and to get you unstuck and pointed in the right direction.

All of the topics I cover are available as guided instruction, both in Raleigh, North Carolina and remotely through video chat.

How It Works

Note: I’m currently developing computer science material with, and am not taking new individual students.

Guided instruction is done through 5 weekly 45-minute meetings during the weekdays or weekday evenings (U.S. Eastern time). After each meeting, I’ll send you a short follow-up assignment that you can send back for feedback. Think of it like a piano lesson: I’ll give you what you need to practice on your own, but you’ll learn and progress regardless.

What It Costs

Subject to availability, guided instruction is currently $700 for 5 weeks. ($500 if you’re paying for yourself, rather than your company paying for or reimbursing you.)

Start today!

Once we’ve worked out a schedule, I’ll send you a bill that you can pay securely. (I use Stripe to make sure you can pay securely with a credit card. I don’t want your credit card number!)