Individual tutoring

Tutoring is available by appointment and might be for you if you have specific learning goals and you want focused attention to help you achieve those goals as fast as possible.

Most of my classes teach JavaScript or are at least JavaScript-adjacent; tutoring can also be appropriate if you’d like help learning other languages. I am a experienced teacher of JavaScript, Python, C, Java, Standard ML, OCaml, Twelf, and Agda. I also wrote a Ph.D. on the principles of programming language design, so I’m pretty confident can probably help you with any language you’re interested in.

For clients interested in undergraduate-level tutoring, my rate is $150 for a 50-minute session. Included with each session is a customized follow-up assignment, as well as feedback on that assignment.

I prefer to do tutoring in-person in my Fayetteville Street office in downtown Raleigh, but I may be able to travel locally or meet online on a case-by-case basis.

At this time I don’t offer help with assignments in existing programming courses (online, at universities, or at code academies).

Let me know if you are interested!

  • Alternatively, what topics are you interested in learning?